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The Metrowest Women’s Fund Needs Assessment of Middle School Girls: Metrowest



The Metrowest Women’s Fund, in partnership with the Center for Social Research at Framingham State University, conducted a Needs Assessment of Middle School Girls: Metrowest.


The report identifies the needs of girls in Metrowest and produces critical data on issue areas including emotional and mental health, self-image, gender identity, social relationships, physical activity and COVID concerns.


“The Metrowest Women’s Fund initiated a needs assessment of middle school girls in Metrowest to provide needed data and ultimately to help girls thrive,” said Rebecca Parkhill, Co-Founder of the Metrowest Women’s Fund. 

The report states that middle school is a critical juncture for all girls and especially those of low and moderate income who have limited access to resources ranging from menstrual health to mental health services. It presents the result of an electronic questionnaire regarding the needs of middle school girls, that was sent to principals from 37 middle schools in the Metrowest catchment area.

Read the Needs Assessment of Middle School Girls: Metrowest (PDF)

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